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Online Course and Six Driving Hours

Our Most Popular Course!

Our Online Course and Six Driving Hours is designed to meet the State requirements for students to obtain their Indiana Driver's License at the age of 16 years and 90 days (so long as they've held their Learner's Permit for at least 180 days).
Our Online Course allows students to complete their in-class portion of their driver's education from the convenience of their home.  Students will need to complete thirty hours of online work along with the ten units within the course.  Students may complete up to 3 hours per day, therefore finishing the classroom portion in as little as 10 days!  However, students may choose to take more time to complete their online portion--it's extremely flexible!
Six Drivng Hours are Included with this Course
Once a student has their Learner's Permit and their account paid in full, they may start to schedule their in-car lessons.  Due to COVID, students are required to be brought in to our office for their in-car lessons.  This enables us to limit exposure, thoroughly sanitize the vehicles, and provide a full hour of dedicated one-on-one instruction time.  After their lesson the student will be dropped at our office and need a ride home. 
Cost: $475.00

*Upon Passing both portions of this course, students are eligible to take their Road Test with us, therefore waiving the Road Test at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  This is in addition to the six driving hours. For more details see the area marked "Road Test".

Driving School

Six Hours In-Car Instruction Only

Growing Together

This package is for those students who have already completed an online course and just need to complete their six driving hours.  It's also for Adults who may simply be looking to take some lessons and save by taking this package.  An Online Course Certificate of Completion is required before we can sign your "Completion of Driver Training School Course Permit" form, however, you may begin your in-car lessons before the online course is complete.

Due to COVID students must be brought to our office for their in-car lessons and need a ride home afterward.
Cost: $475.00

Man Driving in Car

Online Course ONLY

Complete the Classroom portion of Driver's Education with our Online Course ONLY. 
Although this course does not include behind-the-wheel lessons, this Online Course meets the State's requirements for the Classroom Portion Only.  Six Hours of In-Car Instruction is still required to fulfill Indiana's full driver education course. 
Cost: Online Course ONLY $100.00

Courses: Courses
Man Driving in Car

Individual Driving Lessons

We offer Individual Driving Lessons for adults who may need to do a little prep before taking a BMV Road Test or if you have made the decision to get on the road!

  • Experienced Drivers who need instruction in specific areas to help pass the Road Test.

  • ​Adults that have recently decided to drive.​

  • ​Drivers new to the Country that need assistance with the laws and expectations of the State of Indiana.
    Cost: $80.00 per Hour
    **If you think you'd like to take 6 hours or more of in-car instruction, the better deal is the above listed Six Hours In-Car Instruction Only package.**

Driving Lesson

Drive Test Waiver (Road Test)

Any student who completes and passes a full driving course and a minimum of six driving hours with us qualifies to take the Drive Test Waiver at our location.  
This can be done as soon as the student  completes the course, but not on the same day they complete their sixth hour. They must wait until at least the next day.
Students need to bring the following items:

  1. Permit

  2. "Completion of Driver Training School Course Permit"

  3. Copy of Online Course"Completion Certificate"

Cost: $30.00 (Cash Only)

Driving School

50 Hours Supervised Practice Driving

The State of Indiana requires every new driver completes at least 50 hours of supervised practice driving.  You can do that with Frick's Driver Education School, Inc.
Cost: $3900.00

Man Driving in Car
Courses: Courses
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