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Whether you’re a current student of Frick's Driver Education School, Inc. or visiting us for the first time, this section can provide helpful information for you. Take a look below and check back often for the latest updates.


When Can I Take Your Course?
As soon as you turn 15 years old!
When Can I Get My License?
With our course, you may obtain your driver's license at 16 years and 90 days.  Without driver's education, you must wait until you're at least 16 years and 270 days (9 months).  
All individuals
MUST HOLD A LEARNER'S PERMIT AT LEAST 180 DAYS before obtaining their license.

When Can I Get My Permit?
If you take our course you may get your permit at 15 years of age.  You will need to show proof of enrollment in our course at the license bureau, by taking the CDE Form we will issue upon registration and payment.
Without Driver's Education: You must wait until you are at least 16 years old to get your permit.

Will I Have To Take A Test To Get My Permit?
Yes.  Everyone trying to obtain a permit must pass a 50 question multiple choice test at the license bureau.

When Can I Start Scheduling My In-Car Lessons?
When you obtain your Learner's Permit from the license bureau. You may get your Learner's Permit prior to completing your online course.

Are There Other Students In The Car When I'm Driving?
No. Other students in the car can make the driver nervous and be dangerous.
One positive thing from the pandemic is since requiring students to be brought to our office for their lessons, it has enabled students to be able to start in the parking lot (if necessary) thus allowing them to adapt to the vehicle and the instructor, before requiring them to start driving on the road in traffic which is what happens when students are picked up at home or school.  By doing so, we're able to spend more time on parking, multiple traffic situations, and better one-to-one instruction.  This has really been helpful as student's Road Test scores are proving!

Can I Take My Road Test At Frick's?
Yes! Once you've completed a full driver education course and completed at least the driving portion with us you may take your Road Test at Frick's. (Our Online Course and Six Hours In-Car Instruction definitely qualifies).
The Road Test is in addition to the Six Driving Hours and there is an additional fee.

When Should I Take The Road Test at Frick's?
Student's are eligible to take the Road Test at Frick's as soon as they've completed the course. (You cannot take the Road Test the same day you complete your driving). We recommend not waiting until just before you're ready to get your license since availability may be limited.

How Do I Register?
You may see our "Apply" page on this website and print, fill out, and email to us or you can return it to us in person or you can mail it to us. This site is not ready to accept applications online...yet!
Or, you may register by telephone.

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